At Comma, we resonate with the continuous pursuit of excellence that drives thriving companies. We are committed to fueling our clients’ aspirations, employing a rich arsenal of proven tools to help propel your business to new heights. Through strategic insights and tailored positioning, we aim to guide you from your current state to a vision of growth and achievement.

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Key Questions:

  • Where are you now?
  • Where do you aspire to be?
  • What goals do you seek to achieve?

1. Business Model Canvas by Osterwalder

Osterwalder’s Business Model Canvas offers a structured approach to crafting a business plan. It encapsulates nine essential components including your business description, revenue model, value proposition, customer segments, relationships, and suppliers.

2. Business Strategy by Treacy & Wiersema

Treacy and Wiersema introduce three value-centric strategies: operational excellence, product leadership, and customer intimacy. By aligning your operations with a dominant strategy while maintaining a balance with the other two, you set a distinctive stand against competitors.

3. The Golden Circle by Simon Sinek

Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle illuminates why some companies remarkably excel. It delves into the ‘what’, ‘how’, and ‘why’ of your business, encouraging an authentic communication of your ‘why’ to resonate with and inspire your target audience.

Optimization: Balanced Scorecard

If you seek to refine or challenge your company’s vision, the Balanced Scorecard can translate your unique strategic objectives into tangible, measurable parameters

Focus Areas:

  • Where does your ambition lie?
  • What should be your focal points?

4. Meaningful Marketing Framework

With rising customer expectations, it’s imperative to have a clear, authentic vision and purpose. This framework assists in evaluating your current positioning and envisioning your future trajectory.

5. Positioning

Unveiling the core essence of your brand is key to effective positioning, enabling you to carve a unique stance in the marketplace.

6. Communication Style based on Jung’s Archetypes

 Employing the brand wheel inspired by Jung’s archetypes, we help tailor your communication style to resonate well with your target audience, optimizing your marketing and advertising strategies.

Development & Marketing Needs:

  • What aspects require further development?
  • What needs marketing attention?

7. Personas

By embodying the perspectives of your ideal customer segments, we create personas to garner insights into their needs and behaviors, ensuring a targeted approach.

8. Customer Journey Mapping

Explore how your target group interacts with your brand across various touch points and channels to unearth opportunities for growth.

9. Product-Market Matrix by Ansoff & BCG

Delve into the ideal product-market combinations for your brand, employing the Ansoff and BCG matrices alongside a thorough online product analysis through SEO and Google Analytics.


Ready to kickstart your journey?

10. Communication Plan

A robust communication plan leverages a mix of owned, bought, and earned media through a well-coordinated multichannel approach.

11. Social Media Plan

Exploit the vast potential of social media with our structured framework, incorporating a clear plan and a predefined content calendar, allowing you to maintain focus on your core business operations.


Maximize your media outreach with applications like Hubspot, LeadInfo, and Hotjar for owned media; Mediaspecs and CIM for bought media; and Digital Dashboard for earned/experienced media.

With this comprehensive blueprint, Comma stands ready to navigate you through the roadmap towards business growth and success, ensuring a fluent transition from your current state to a realm of enhanced achievement.

Document Download all our tools here