Within the rapidly evolving field of artificial intelligence, the option of generating attractive images intrigues. Midjourney is one such AI-based image-generation tool, and each new version of it delivers better and better results. So, good news! The effectiveness of the tool remains highly dependent on how precisely the input prompts are formulated. If you don’t get that right, we sometimes observe a loss of consistency. In this blog, comma highlights the strengths of Midjourney and the areas in which it falls short.

Keep looking for the perfect image

Midjourney is somewhat dubious in performance: sometimes the desired image is created very quickly, while in other cases you seem to navigate in circles and keep not quite achieving the desired result. The difficulty of training the AI model to create a series of similar images remains a challenge, especially for those planning extensive image campaigns. Midjourney currently lacks the necessary tools to easily call up a series of connected images, which hinders scalability in larger projects.

ai generated picture
Woman / futuristic boy
Commands: Asian woman taking a selfie while standing behind a tree, style Walter Van Beirendonck, in the style of analog photography, Nikon d850, stereotype photography
Replacing the subject with ‘cyberpunk child taking selfie’

Midjourney knocks off traditional image banks

Despite that challenge, Midjourney excels at recalling images quickly compared to traditional image databases. Forget hours of browsing through extensive image archives and replace that very easily by formulating a compelling prompt. While image databases remain indispensable for specific needs such as vector files, icon sets, and standard portraits, the endless search for conceptual images in image libraries seems to be a thing of the past, thanks to Midjourney.

Midjourney versus photo shoots

If you only need a few campaign images, Midjourney is a worthy cost-effective alternative to photo shoots. Investing in a photo shoot often doesn’t outweigh the efficiency of a quick, well-aimed input prompt or hours spent in Photoshop. But when it comes to broader conceptual photo shoots with consistent, multiple images, Midjourney falls short. Photography, especially for place-based shoots or shoots with intricate details such as corporate environments and personnel, remains irreplaceable in that case. Midjourney excels in the creation of social media posts and short campaigns where quick visual material is essential for immediate action.

An example of an AI generated image.
Commands: cocktail photography food photography

A bright future for Midjourney

Conclusion? Midjourney proves to be a powerful tool for specific image generation needs, with unparalleled speed and simplicity. While it cannot always replace the depth and nuance of traditional photography or the precise control of Photoshop in certain scenarios, its role in quickly creating conceptual images is undeniable. As AI evolves at lightning speed, we eagerly await the continued growth of Midjourney. As the tool is further refined, it will soon be ready for larger, more complex projects.

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