In 2004, Greetje and Wouter founded their marketing company from their living room in Zedelgem near Bruges. Twenty years later, comma, brand strategists is working from an architectural gem of a building and the co-founders are spurred on by a driven team of strategic experts. From our 411 office, we keep doing - ever more rigorously - what we are really good at: making brands stronger. A fact that did not go by unnoticed, as our portfolio now includes a diverse mix of fine clients worldwide. It is a proud testament to 20 years of dedication to strong brands and strong strategies!

Right from the start, brand marketeers comma always went in co-creative search of the best strategy for their customers. More than being a partner, comma actually becomes a part of their clients’ company as it starts digging. Where do you stand as a company or as a brand now, where are you heading and how are we going to get there in practical terms? The formula caught on and while we initially mainly aimed to support SMEs, our reputation increasingly preceded us and ever larger and diverse companies, in Belgium and abroad, came knocking on the door.


Renowned and popular workshops

For 20 years now, comma makes a point of starting off our strategic marketing support with our famously interactive workshops, Whether at the client's premises or in our striking 411 office hub, out in-depth co-creative workshops on strategy, positioning and digital marketing invariably lead to exciting new strategic stories. Then, just leave it to comma's creative dream team to work out a practical marketing plan, roll out communications and enable digital transformation! In doing so, we always look for efficient and innovative solutions for our clients. So whether a client needs pure branding, podcasts in our own recording studio, websites in Drupal and ODOO, media buying, powerful radio spots, commercials and videos or clear follow-up dashboards for our clients, we can do it!

Leading the wayGreetje en Wouter

At the same time, Wouter and Greetje wanted to contribute to the societal challenges of our time. ‘Let’s be part of the solution, not the problem’ characterised both co-founders from the start. Based on their personal dedication to people and the environment, they started working actively on corporate social responsibility. The 5 Ps (People, Planet, Prosperity, Partnership and Peace) have long been firmly embedded in the company’s DNA. But over a 20-year span, they also set up Peace for Talent, applied their strategic marketing talent selflessly into beautiful projects with social impact, act as X2 ambassadors around gender equity, etc. And they make a point of keeping their team mentally and physically resilient. For all these efforts, they just received the prestigious B Corp label, a mind-blowing recognition!

Proud of the present, curious about the future

So where is this success story heading next? With hands-on entrepreneurship running through their veins, co-founders Greetje and Wouter see opportunities everywhere to complement their B2B strategic marketing activities. Their life motto ‘enjoy the ride’ is no empty slogan as they launched a delicious range of beer brands under the premium label Bar Belge and Greetje is on the board of directors of Tribe Global, an international network of independent marketing agencies. Undoubtedly, this compelling story is not finished yet!