The social media trends of tomorrow: go for innovative interaction.

Ontdek de trends die jouw online strategie naar een hoger niveau tillen.

The A to Z of your business

Boost your business to new heights with our 26 words, one for every letter of the alphabet, that can help you make the correct choices in 2023.

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Become a digital powerhouse in just three steps

How do you make sure that potential customers and stakeholders find your company online? This is the million dollar question for many entrepreneurs and marketeers.

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Achieve more on social media with a tight grid and content calendar

As an entrepreneur, we bet you are constantly looking for more interaction and a broader reach of your company. Social media has so much to offer in the way of opportunities. But combining social media with your day-to-day running of a business is not the easiest of tasks. Liking, posting, sharing, reposting, commenting, posting mentions, coming up with the right content to reach your goals ... managing social media properly is in effect a full-time job.

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Strategic workshops by comma, brand strategists

Our strategic workshops take place in co-creation with our best experts. With comma, brand strategists you are sure to have a dedicated and multidisciplinary team around the table.

Customer Journey

Digital customer journey

As a brand, it is important to map out the customer journey of the consumer as it allows to anticipate on the determining elements of the phase a consumer is in. You may respond to these elements the traditional way by using classic media and forms of advertising.