How do you make sure that potential customers and stakeholders find your company online? This is the million dollar question for many entrepreneurs and marketeers. Of course, there is no straightforward answer and it depends on many factors. That is why it is best to proceed in a structured and thoughtful manner. Because a clear, digital strategy is sure to deliver the best results.

Together with comma, brand strategists, you can achieve your digital goals in three phases:

Ready? – Prepare to succeed

Good preparation is half the battle. That is why we first and foremost take a closer look at your current situation. Who are you today as a company? How are your competitors doing? What do your customers expect in each stage of their customer journey? Where can we reach them? How digitally mature is your company? And which steps do you still need to take to grow?

The Business Model Canvas, combined with the results from our positioning workshop and the customer journey workshop enable us to draw clear conclusions. Only then can we move on to the next phase.

Set? – Set up your digital strategy

Clear objectives create a strong strategy. That is why we link short, medium and long-term objectives to the right KPIs and metrics. We then analyse your digital target group. What are the right target parameters to the right people? What are their interests? Which digital channels are they using in each stage of their customer journey? The right insights and well-considered choices lead to a well-founded digital strategy.

Go! – Run and optimize

Your digital strategy is now ready for execution. Based on a digital balanced scorecard, we draw up a concrete step-by-step plan with a clear, operational plan. The timing and budget are fixed, the tasks are divided. Let’s go, we’re ready to roll!

And that is not the end of it. During implementation, we keep working thoughtfully along the lines of our motto ‘Measure, Learn, Adapt‘ as we measure the results every month and compare them to established KPIs and metrics. This shows us what to do next. During the quarterly dashboard meetings, we formulate conclusions and propose action points. In this way, we keep adjusting and finetuning your digital strategy where needed to achieve the predefined results in a focused way.

So, are you ready to jump aboard the digital express train? In just three steps, comma, brand strategists will take your company to the destination of your choice.