Once a clear strategy has been drawn up for a company, product or service, the search for the best possible communication mix begins. Taking into account the budget, objectives and target group, it will prove crucial to create a professional marketing and communication plan in which all channels are adequately represented. This is truly the only way to achieve the best possible results. One of the most important and useful frameworks for drawing up a comprehensive marketing plan is the Owned / Bought / Earned / Experienced media model.

  • With owned media you use your own communication tools like your website, brochures, OPS (points of sale) …
  • With bought media you pay to use a third-party channel, such as print magazines, TV, radio, trade press, billboards … The cost calculation per contact, circulation, reach, OTH (opportunity to hear) and OTS (opportunity to see) are important factors here.
  • With earned media, your customers, the press and the public share your content and speak about your brand. This includes all social, digital media and sponsorship. Earned media generates the broadest reach with the biggest impact because its touchpoints are much larger than the first two.
  • With experienced media, your target group fully experiences and feels your brand in real life. Examples here are festivals, partnerships, networking and everything surrounding it, like booth stands, goodies, video, social media, vouchers, tickets, crew …

It will come as no surprise that the largest reach is effectively achieved by combing different types. A clever mix and match strategy works much better than focusing on one single type of media.

Analyse and grow

Standing still is going backwards. Growing without analysing, without optimisation? It won’t work. The smart thing to do is to create a well thought-out marketing and communication plan every year. As you schedule specific target moments for this, it will allow you to take an in-depth look at your various forms of communication. What worked and what did not? Combining these results, analysing the data and adjusting your communication mix where needed will lead to effective communication with the right focus. Comma, brand strategists will be happy to help!