Every day, computer users scroll through 96 meters of content on average and see more than 4,000 ads. We have been aware for some time that we are inundated with information. But did you know that only 5% of recipients of marketing campaigns show direct interest? And that of that 5%, no less than 98% leave no trace? So the chance that a potential buyer will contact you himself is a paltry 0.001%. How can you capture and engage that other 95%? The tracking tool Leadinfo is getting better at ensuring that business-to-business leads no longer slip through your fingers.

Successfully generate leads

Leadinfo is an innovative tracking tool for companies with B2B customers and can be installed on any website. Because the tool links each site visitor’s IP address to a database of more than 220 million companies, it offers all kinds of insights and allows you to track the behavior of those site visitors. That’s how you discover their:

  • Company description
  • Location
  • Industry
  • Number of employees
  • Financial data
  • Contact information
  • Pages visited, time spent on your website, and how they got there
  • Mail addresses of relevant people
  • LinkedIn profiles of employees

All of that data is displayed in an intuitive and clear dashboard that you can access anytime. And it’s all done GDPR-compliant, too!

Turn your web visitors into customers

Leadinfo’s strength is that it provides information about your site visitors’ businesses. You won’t convert those leads right away, but you can use that information to:

  • Track their visit in real-time
  • Get automatic lead-scoring
  • Set up lead generation forms
  • Integrate with your CRM
  • Set up triggers (with labels and email reporting)
  • Integrate Google Ads
  • Retarget on LinkedIn
  • Export data

Because of GDPR regulations, you are not allowed to receive exact personal data. But you do get to know what the company in question is interested in. So you can use different channels to approach the person within the company who you think makes the decisions for your product or service. You can capture them in advance using personas and the customer journey. So you know exactly what your lead was looking at and can thus respond well to the “pains” or needs of the potential customer. This lukewarm prospecting has a 20% success rate while cold prospecting has only 2%. That pays off, doesn’t it? If you know who they are and what they are interested in, you also know how best to address them.

New features keep coming

As a fast-growing start-up, Leadinfo was founded with the mindset of a growth hacker. The company is constantly working on optimizations and implementing new features. The three most recent features also make the tool increasingly performant:

  • Leadinfo Autopilot: Automatically track your leads directly from Leadinfo
  • Audience Match: Easily identify visitors who match your ideal customer profile
  • LinkedIn Ads Integration: Send your website visitors directly to your LinkedIn audiences for retargeting campaigns

Wondering what Leadinfo can do for your business? Request a free 14-day trial at maxim@brandstrategists.be and discuss the possibilities. Interested in installing the tool? Leadinfo determines the license fee based on unique leads and starts from €49 per month. You can find the rates here.

leadinfo certified partner
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