A brand name is not to be chosen lightly. It will represent the soul of your company, something you will be associated with forever. So make sure your brand name is easy on the ear, recognisable and catchy. At comma, we have a knack for choosing fabulous brand names that stick. These are five of our best tips!

1. Catch the eye

Your brand name should truly stand out and feel like something different from the rest. Feel free to look around and check out what your competitors do. You will quickly get a feel for what comes across as an original, authentic name within your sector. Remember that an eye-catching name will linger longer.

2. Make sure you can pronounce it

A name must be easy to pronounce. Because if others cannot properly say your name, they will start to avoid using it. And that is truly not what you want for your company. So make your name easy for your target group and reap the positive effects.

3. Does your market understand it?

Are you thinking of a local (Dutch) name or do you want to break through internationally? This is an important decision to make if you want your name to be pronounceable and understandable abroad. Doublecheck that it does not lead to unexpected and unwanted associations either. So at all times, keep the language and cultural background of your target group in mind.

4. Make it timeless

Your name has to resonate within the market, both now and in the future. If your brand name turns out to have a short shelf life, you will be in trouble. Yes, strive for a trendy name but make sure it does not feel outdated quickly outdated. After all, another name change is not something to be taken lightly.

5. Is your brand name still available?

Always check whether your new name is still available in the trademarks register. If it is still available, also go to websites such as www.dns.be for Belgium or www.eurodns.com to check for any possible website extensions.

Need help in choosing the right name?

Follow our workshop ‘Five steps to a brand new-name’!

Will you be opting for a literal and basic name? Or would you rather go for a symbolic and creative name? By means of some targeted exercises during our workshop, we examine which type of name suits you and your company best. With your company’s positioning in mind, we will brainstorm, think out loud and make visual notes. This creative and strategic process is sure to lead to a brand name that fits like a glove.

Once you have chosen a brand name, it becomes part of some key steps to start building a brand. You are right on track when your name, logo, baseline and storytelling are all in sync. This new brand identity starts with a brand name that sticks.

Triggered about a new brand name for your company? Contact our brand name specialist Wouter.

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Proud of our brand portfolio

Over the years, the brand strategists at comma have created many brand names that last. Below are a few of our exciting creations.