Of course, you and your company have been present on various social media channels for a long time. However, make sure that you always stay up to date because social media are constantly evolving and regularly launch new features. Read below what’s going on and how you can best capitalize on it. That way you will soon be even better picked up by your target group(s). 

Be sure to give Instagram Reels a try

Did you know that using Reels is a great way to quickly grow your following on Instagram? Instagram gives some Reels an extra push thanks to a special algorithm, just like TikTok. But how does that work and which Reels get that extra push? Thanks to a well-aimed combination of images, sound, and movement in Reels, you as a content creator can make a deeper connection with your viewers. In this way, you ensure more engagement and greater impact.

To make the best use of this, here are your golden Reels-formulas:

  • The trick? Make people curious!
  • Keep it simple and focus on one clear main message
  • Make sure your content evokes a vibe, a feeling, an emotion
  • Think about your POV: make it clear from which personal point of view you are narrating and who is playing the lead role
  • Keep it exciting: captivate the viewer until the end of your reel
  • Feel free to use influencing techniques by capitalizing on sympathy, authority, scarcity, etc.
  • Work on your pacing: provide creative, entertaining shots and transitions at a speed your target audience can handle

New trends on Facebook

It probably hasn’t escaped your notice that Facebook’s number of active users is declining. What will 2024 look like if it depends on Facebook? What trends are to be expected? And how can you as a business continue to use Facebook to get the most out of it?

Here are the popular Facebook trends for 2024:

  • Privacy and security will be Meta’s focus in 2024. The company is working hard to make the platform safer for its users.
  • Groups and communities will also get big attention from Facebook in 2024. They are considered an essential part of the social network. It will also be possible to post Stories and Reels in groups in which short-form videos will play an increasing role.
  • Increase in video content: as expected, the popularity of video on Facebook will continue to grow in 2024. Meta is dedicated to enhancing video capabilities on Facebook.

Add personality to your LinkedIn profile

Personalization is the common thread in LinkedIn trends for 2024. With the great rise of AI, people’s search behavior is changing, and so is Google’s search engine. To be found quickly, single keywords no longer suffice, as people are increasingly searching with whole phrases and questions. Google is increasingly responding to searcher intent. This also counts for LinkedIn, because we see that Google is showing personal LinkedIn profiles higher and higher in the search results. So if you optimize your profile on LinkedIn and regularly share subject matter knowledge, you will rank higher in Google and possibly in the content AI tools provide. But don’t forget the good old rules: invite as many of your connections to follow the page as possible, stay active on LinkedIn, and respond thoughtfully to posts from other individuals and companies. That’s how to keep your profile alive and kicking!

Remember, TikTok works differently

On TikTok, you will mainly find a target group up to 35 years old. This target group is increasingly difficult to reach on other social media channels, especially through advertising, so for them, TikTok is the way to go. How can you grow organically as a company on this platform? It’s important to think about your employer branding thoroughly. The algorithm of TikTok works very differently from that of Meta. Unlike e.g. the Instagram timeline – where the order and substance of content are determined based on people you follow and the engagement you show – TikTok’s algorithm is based on everything you as a user like and think.

So with TikTok, always keep these tips and tricks in mind:

  • Add personality: highlight your team and introduce your target audience to the individuals within your company
  • Post a lot, preferably almost daily
  • Stay active and respond to comments and other TikToks
  • Find a niche and make well-aimed hashtags work for you
  • Keep it fun: keep it light, use humor, and respond to trends

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