The archetypes of Jung

Successful brands know themselves and their ideal customers. They consciously play into it by embracing one archetype. They make it easy for their ideal customers to identify with them. They attract them because their story, dreams, and hopes are the same. Jung’s brand archetypes are essential in determining your positioning and brand identity. Let’s take a dive in to the Everyman.

image with a diagram of Jung's brand archetypes where the everyman is highlighted

The Everyman, the Realist, the Good Neighbor, the Silent Majority, Joe Sixpack, the Democrat, the Good Guy…the archetype that focuses on the masses.

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Is your brand an Everyman? If your loves an affordable solution, then your brand is in this archetype. The Everyman is, wait… anything but complex. Simplicity is his hobbyhorse.

Where do you meet the Everyman?

Well, just on the street, at the soccer club, or maybe at a quiz in the village pub. Joe Average likes people, is honest, pure nature. A man of the people, so to speak. Examples are Frans Bauer, Sam Gooris, and many characters in the sitcom FC De Kampioenen.

Who is the Everyman?

Sympathetic, no-nonsense, and good-humored. Honest, hard worker, realistic. These are the typical characteristics of the Everyman (or woman). With this person you feel comfortable. It is also someone who likes to roll up his sleeves to help others. He or she likes equality, cooperation, and friendship.


The Everyman is accessible and recognizable. He creates connection and cohesion between people of all levels, inspires trust, and is considered sympathetic.


The Good Guy is afraid of feeling excluded and also doesn’t like to stand out from the crowd. Elitist behavior is not in his vocabulary. If he tries to behave like that anyway, it’s fake and comes across badly.

The brand as Everyman

The ‘Everyman’ archetype as a brand focuses on the masses. These brands stand beside their customers and do not stand above them and want to create a connection. The products or services can be attractive to everyone. Quality and reliability are important, as well as affordability. This archetype wants to make everyday life enjoyable for as many people as possible. Some brands in this archetype are Ikea, Opel, Hema, Ebay, Unox, and Blokker.

image with logo's of brand that are a good example of the Everyman.

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